82nd Anniversary Celebration of Cementos Cruz Azul's Foundation in Oaxaca

Cementos Cruz Azul commemorates its 82nd anniversary, highlighting the vision of its founder and the plant's impact on the region.

82nd Anniversary Celebration of Cementos Cruz Azul's Foundation in Oaxaca
Photo by analuisa gamboa / Unsplash

Cementos Cruz Azul recently celebrated the 82nd anniversary of its cement plant in Lagunas, Oaxaca. This milestone marks a significant period in the company's history, especially during the third year of its restructuring process. The celebration, held between January 3rd and 4th, 2024, included various events such as a mass and a popular fair, bringing a festive atmosphere to the Oaxacan community.

Víctor Velázquez, the President of the Board of Directors at Cruz Azul, delivered an emotional message during a civic ceremony on January 4th. He paid tribute to Arcadio Hernández Falcón, the founding partner, acknowledging his visionary leadership and the recognition of calcium carbonate deposits in the region. Velázquez emphasized the long-term vision and dedication of those who have contributed to the sustained growth of the plant. He shared anecdotes about the challenges and successes over the past three years of restructuring.

The event also featured performances by students from Colegios Cruz Azul, who staged music and dances to reminisce about the factory's history. The celebration concluded with a banquet attended by Raúl Ruiz Robles, the Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Oaxaca, along with other state, municipal, and national authorities.

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