Ambuja Cements Shares Gain 1.52% Amid Falling Sensex

Shares of Ambuja Cements Ltd. experienced a 1.52% increase, reaching Rs 612.05 at 10:20 AM IST on Monday, despite a drop in the BSE Sensex by 295.3 points to 72847.5.

Ambuja Cements Shares Gain 1.52% Amid Falling Sensex
Photo by Maxim Hopman / Unsplash

Ambuja Cements Ltd., a prominent player in the cement industry, saw its shares rise by 1.52% early on Monday, marking a notable performance against the backdrop of a declining Sensex. By 10:20 AM IST, the company's shares were trading at Rs 612.05, up from the previous session's close of Rs 602.85. This increase occurred amidst a general downturn in the market, with the BSE Sensex falling by 295.3 points to 72847.5.

The stock reached a 52-week high of Rs 613.25 and a low of Rs 324.3, highlighting its volatility and growth potential within the specified period. Trading volume on the counter till 10:20 AM IST was reported at 56,220 shares, with a turnover of Rs 3.42 crore.

At the current price, Ambuja Cements trades at 38.0 times its trailing 12-month EPS of Rs 15.95 per share and 2.29 times its price-to-book value, according to BSE data. These metrics indicate investors' willingness to pay a higher price for the company's shares due to growth expectations and the inherent value of the company.

The Beta value of Ambuja Cements' stock, which measures its volatility in relation to the broader market, stood at 1.44, suggesting a higher level of market risk associated with the stock.

Shareholding Pattern:
As of December 31, 2023, promoters held a 63.19% stake in Ambuja Cements, while foreign institutional investors (FIIs) owned 11.88%, and domestic institutional investors (DIIs) held 15.53%.

Source: The Economic Times