Ana Salgado Appointed as New Director of Ciment Català

The Ciment Català board has named Ana Salgado as the new director, marking a significant leadership transition within the Catalan cement industry.

Ana Salgado Appointed as New Director of Ciment Català

The board of Ciment Català has officially appointed Ana Salgado as its new director, a change effective from February 1st. Salgado, born in Barcelona in 1998, takes over from Alejandro Josa, who has played a pivotal role in the organization over the past years and will now serve as the board's secretary.

Salgado's educational background includes a degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Barcelona and a Master's in Environmental Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Prior to her new role, she was responsible for technical and environmental matters at Ciment Català, overseeing technical committee coordination, public administration representation, and participation in industry-related seminars and workshops.

Her work has significantly contributed to the development of pollution management, prevention, and reduction technologies, underlining her commitment to environmental quality and sustainable development. With her appointment, Salgado intends to continue and build upon the work initiated by Josa, focusing on promoting a competitive, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious cement industry. This leadership transition underlines Ciment Català's ongoing dedication to social welfare and environmental protection within the cement sector.