ANCAP's Portland Cement Production Plummets in 2023

Uruguay's ANCAP faced a significant decline in Portland cement production in 2023, continuing a downward trend in production volumes compared to 2022.

ANCAP's Portland Cement Production Plummets in 2023
Photo: Ancap

In Uruguay, the state-owned company ANCAP reported a substantial 27% decrease in its annual Portland cement production for the year 2023. This decline marks a continued downturn in cement tonnage compared to the previous year, with only January, April, and May of 2023 showing production levels exceeding those of 2022. The most significant drop was observed in December 2023, when production reached 21,662 tons, down from 28,016 tons in December 2022, representing a decrease of 6,354 tons.

However, there was a notable increase in production from November to December 2023, with 9,098 more tons produced, utilizing 100% of ANCAP's own clinker without the need for purchased clinker. This contrasts with September's production, which relied entirely on purchased clinker. The fluctuating production levels throughout the year reflect the challenges faced by ANCAP in maintaining consistent cement production, with April being the most productive month and June the least.

Despite these challenges, ANCAP's Portland cement business managed to produce a total of 183,583 tons over the 12 months of 2023, averaging over 15,298 tons per month.