Austria’s Cement and Concrete Sector Embraces Transparency

The Austrian cement and concrete industry is making strides towards sustainability with the creation of new calculation tools for environmental product declarations (EPDs), enhancing transparency and supporting the decarbonization of the construction materials value chain.

Austria’s Cement and Concrete Sector Embraces Transparency
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The Austrian cement and concrete sector is prioritizing transparency and sustainability. Verified EPD calculators for cement and transport concrete products have been developed, with a calculator for precast concrete products set to be completed in the first half of 2024. These tools are essential for the transparent life cycle assessment of cement and concrete, crucial for the decarbonization of these construction materials’ entire value chain.

EPDs play a significant role by documenting the environmental impact of products through neutral and objective data, in accordance with relevant standards. Anton Glasmaier, Chairman of Beton Dialog Österreich and Managing Director of the Association of Austrian Concrete and Precast Manufacturers (VÖB), emphasizes the importance of transparency in environmental data for Austrian cement, concrete, and precast manufacturers.

Florian Gschösser of the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Construction and Material Sciences is responsible for developing these calculators. He highlights EPDs as a future necessity for the construction industry, aligning with the EU’s commitment to sustainable natural resource use in construction.

The independent verification of construction material EPDs in Austria is conducted by Bau EPD GmbH. The EPD calculator for cement was completed in July 2023, with the first 15 EPDs from a cement company published in December 2023. These EPDs focus on cement production, allowing for the analysis of environmental impacts and potential ecological benefits.

The GWP calculator provided by the Quality Association for Transport Concrete (GVTB) has been available to member companies since late 2023. It calculates the Global Warming Potential (GWP) for various stages of concrete production and delivery, based on ÖNORM EN 15804:2022 and ÖNORM EN 15767:2023 standards.

The VÖB is finalizing the EPD calculator for precast concrete products, covering eight product areas and verifying environmental declarations for individual precast components. These EPDs have a five-year validity, requiring re-submission and independent verification thereafter.

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