Bright Growth Prospects for the Moroccan Cement Sector by 2030

The Moroccan cement sector is poised for significant growth by 2030, driven by recovery in the construction sector and major infrastructure projects.

Bright Growth Prospects for the Moroccan Cement Sector by 2030
Photo by Karim MANJRA / Unsplash

The Moroccan cement industry is expected to experience a resurgence in the coming years, with a positive outlook projected up to 2030. This optimism is fueled by the anticipated recovery in the construction sector, post-inflation, and the development of major infrastructure projects. Key drivers include the hosting of the African Cup of Nations in 2025 and the World Cup in 2030, which are expected to boost the demand for cement in Morocco.

The sector is also set to benefit from the launch of a five-year reconstruction program in regions affected by the Al Haouz earthquake. This analysis is provided by the brokerage firm MSIN.

Despite facing a challenging economic environment both internationally and nationally, marked by rising prices in 2022 and 2023, the Moroccan cement sector is showing signs of recovery. The sales of cement in Morocco recorded a decline of 10.7% in 2022 and 1.5% in the first ten months of 2023, primarily due to the unprecedented surge in construction material prices leading to the halt of many projects.

However, the sector is expected to rebound, driven by the recovery of the real estate sector and the launch of a new housing assistance program running until 2028. After a significant recovery in 2021 with 13.4 million tons of cement sold, the national sales of cement faced a downturn in 2022 and 2023. The future, however, looks promising with the anticipated growth in the sector.

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