BUA Group Chairman Commits to Making Cement and Food Products More Accessible

Abdul Samad Rabiu, the Founder and Chairman of BUA Group, has pledged to make the company's cement and food products more available, affordable, and accessible to customers despite stiff competition.

BUA Group Chairman Commits to Making Cement and Food Products More Accessible
Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim / Unsplash

In a detailed conversation, Abdul Samad Rabiu discussed the challenges of doing business in Nigeria and how BUA Group has navigated these to sustain profitability. Emphasizing excellence, innovation, and respect for customers, Rabiu highlighted the group's dedication to meeting customer needs and fostering trust. The recent policy changes by the Federal Government, including the removal of petrol subsidies and the adoption of a floating exchange rate, are expected to positively impact the economy and contribute to its stabilization.

Rabiu also touched on the significant investment BUA Foods Plc has made in a new sugar estate project in Kwara State, aiming to improve raw material sourcing and reduce dependency on imports. This investment aligns with the company's strategy to leverage locally sourced raw materials, facilitated by its vertical integration strategies, which have been key to its success.

Despite the economic challenges, including transport costs and foreign exchange fluctuations, Rabiu remains optimistic about the private sector's role in creating employment opportunities and reducing poverty in Africa. He advocates for a greater focus on agriculture to achieve self-reliance and sustainability.

Source: Independent Newspaper Nigeria