Bulk and Bagged Cement to be Purchased by Türkoğlu Municipality

Türkoğlu Municipality's Directorate of Public Works in Turkey announces a tender for the purchase of bulk and bagged cement, enhancing its infrastructure development efforts.

Bulk and Bagged Cement to be Purchased by Türkoğlu Municipality
Photo by Engin Yapici / Unsplash

The Directorate of Public Works of Türkoğlu Municipality in Turkey is set to conduct a tender for the acquisition of bulk and bagged cement. This move is part of the municipality's ongoing efforts to bolster its infrastructure and public works projects.

The tender will be conducted according to the 19th article of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734, with bids to be submitted exclusively through the Electronic Public Procurement Platform (EKAP). Detailed information regarding the tender is available on the EKAP website.

The procurement includes 2,500 tons of bulk cement (TS EN 197-1 CEM I 42,5 R) and 7,500 units of bagged cement (CEM I 42,5 R in 50 kg bags). The cement will be delivered to the municipality's paving stone production site in Kılılı Neighborhood, where it will be stored in silos and warehouses.

The delivery schedule will be determined based on the municipality's needs, with orders to be supplied by the contractor within one day of the request. The entire procurement is expected to be completed within 300 days of the contract signing.

This tender is open exclusively to domestic bidders, and the bidding process will not involve electronic bidding. The validity period for the bids is 90 calendar days from the date of the tender. Consortium bids are not allowed in this tender.

This procurement initiative by Türkoğlu Municipality reflects its commitment to enhancing local infrastructure and public services through strategic investments in essential materials like cement.


Yesil Afşin