Cement and Concrete Prices Rise in Saudi Arabia in January 2024

Saudi Arabia witnessed a monthly increase in the prices of cement and concrete in January 2024, alongside rises in gypsum, sand, and black block prices.

Cement and Concrete Prices Rise in Saudi Arabia in January 2024
Photo by backer Sha / Unsplash

In January 2024, Saudi Arabia experienced a notable rise in the prices of construction materials, including cement and concrete. According to the statistics released by the Saudi General Authority for Statistics, the price of black cement (50 kg) reached 14.99 SAR, marking a 1.1% increase on a monthly basis. Similarly, the price of white cement slightly rose by 0.2%, reaching 37.34 SAR.

Concrete prices also saw adjustments across various categories. The price for resistant concrete (350 kg) was recorded at 211.97 SAR per cubic meter, up by 0.6%, while the price for resistant concrete (250 kg) increased by 1.6% to 191.58 SAR. Ordinary concrete (350 kg) prices rose by 1.75% to 201.41 SAR, and ordinary concrete (250 kg) saw a 1.7% increase to 182.45 SAR.

Additionally, the price of national gypsum (40 kg) went up by 0.9% to 16.36 SAR, and the fine white sand price increased by 2.2% to 62.86 SAR per cubic meter. The red sand price rose by 2.8% to 28.58 SAR, and the mixed (sand and gravel) price in January 2024 was about 46.14 SAR, up by 1.9%.

The slight increase in the price of black block (15 cm) was noted at 1668.89 SAR for "1000 pieces", a 0.1% rise, while the black block "size 20 cm" price slightly increased by 0.03% to 1721.79 SAR.

These price adjustments reflect the dynamic nature of the construction materials market in Saudi Arabia, influenced by various factors including supply and demand dynamics, production costs, and market trends.

Source: Al Yaum