Egypt: Cement Joins Today's Lower Prices

The price of a ton of grey cement in the markets today, Friday, has decreased, marking a 2.11% reduction.

Egypt: Cement Joins Today's Lower Prices
Photo by Zoya Loonohod / Unsplash

Today, the cement industry witnessed a noteworthy price reduction across various types in the Egyptian market. The grey cement ton price experienced a drop of 50 EGP, settling at 2319 EGP, which translates to a decrease of approximately 2.11%. Other notable cement prices include Swedish cement at 2350 EGP per ton, Suez cement at 2080 EGP, Helwan cement at 2040 EGP, and Special cement at 2090 EGP.

Mixed cement prices ranged between 1250 and 1400 EGP, while resistant cement varied from 2050 to 2370 EGP. White cement was priced between 3500 and 3600 EGP, reflecting a broad spectrum of adjustments in the cement market today.

Source: Elbashayer