Cement Prices in Egypt: Current Market Trends and Expectations

The construction markets have recently experienced significant price increases in building materials, including cement. However, following the Ras Al-Hikma agreement, a notable impact on the dollar exchange rate is expected to stabilize cement prices in the upcoming period.

Cement Prices in Egypt: Current Market Trends and Expectations
Photo by Lea Kobal / Unsplash

Egypt's construction sector has been facing a wave of price hikes for building materials, with cement prices also affected. The recent Ras Al-Hikma agreement is anticipated to have a significant influence on the dollar exchange rate in parallel markets, which is expected to reflect positively on the reduction of prices for raw materials and construction costs, notably cement prices.

Today's Cement Prices:

  • Al-Moallem Cement: 1,980 EGP
  • Al-Sahm Cement: 1,900 EGP
  • Al-Fahd Cement: 1,920 EGP
  • Wadi El Nile Cement: 1,930 EGP
  • El-Warraq El-Harbi Cement in Beni Suef: 1,910 EGP
  • Reinforced Cement: 1,980 EGP
  • South Valley Cement: 1,920 EGP
  • Special Cement: 1,950 EGP
  • Suez Cement: 2,010 EGP
  • Swedish Cement: 2,100 EGP
  • Helwan Cement: 2,000 EGP
  • Minya Cement: 2,060 EGP
  • Treated Cement: 2,250 EGP
  • Titanium Cement: 2,060 EGP
  • Egyptian Cement: 2,060 EGP
  • Premium Cement: 2,160 EGP
  • Architectural Cement: 2,150 EGP
  • Upper Egypt Cement: 2,250 EGP
  • Assiut Cement: 2,250 EGP
  • Egyptian Cement: 2,200 EGP
  • Amolia Cement: Approximately 2,360 JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • Al-Borg Cement: 2,350 EGP
  • Max Cement: 2,260 EGP

This detailed list of today's cement prices reflects the current market situation as of Sunday, February 25, 2024. The construction industry is closely monitoring these developments, hoping for a stabilization in prices following the Ras Al-Hikma agreement's impact on the economy and the construction sector in particular.

Source: Elmogaz