Cement Prices Surge by Nearly 50% in a Month in Argentina

A report by the Fundación Colsecor highlights a significant monthly increase of 46.8% in cement prices across various localities in Argentina, with a notable disparity in prices between the interior regions and the capital, Buenos Aires.

Cement Prices Surge by Nearly 50% in a Month in Argentina
Photo by Angelica Reyes / Unsplash

The Fundación Colsecor recently released its Monthly Price Report, revealing a dramatic rise in cement prices across Argentina. In January, the average price of a bag of cement in the interior localities reached $7,134, marking a 46.8% increase from the previous month. This surge contrasts with a more modest increase of 17.1% in Buenos Aires, where the average price was $8,620. The report, which compared prices in 30 localities across seven provinces, noted a year-on-year increase of 250.3% in cement prices, underscoring the growing cost disparity between different regions of the country.

The report also touched on fuel prices, with gasoline and diesel experiencing significant hikes, particularly in the interior, compared to the capital. The average price of gasoline in the interior saw an 87.3% increase from the previous month, while diesel prices jumped by 89.5%. These increases contribute to the broader issue of rising production and transportation costs, further exacerbating the disparity in cement prices.

The Fundación Colsecor's findings highlight the challenges faced by the construction industry in Argentina, where the cost of essential materials like cement continues to rise sharply. The report aims to shed light on the diverse economic realities across the country and encourage discussions on addressing these disparities.

Source: Comercio y Justicia