Cement Sales in Brazil Begin 2024 with a Decline

Brazil's cement market experienced a decrease in sales in January 2024 compared to the same period last year, influenced by declines in three of the country's five regions.

Cement Sales in Brazil Begin 2024 with a Decline
Photo by Raphael Nogueira / Unsplash

In January 2024, Brazil witnessed a 2.1% reduction in cement sales, totaling 4.77 million tons, as reported by the country's cement manufacturers' association, Snic. It is an increase of 5.9% compared to last December.

This decline was particularly noted in the Northeast (-5%), Southeast (-1%), and South (-6.2%) regions, contrasting with sales increases in the Central-West (3%) and North (5.2%).

Despite this sluggish start to the year, Snic remains optimistic, projecting a 2% growth in cement sales for the year, equivalent to an additional 1.2 million tons. This outlook is supported by expectations of increased infrastructure investments and the potential for cement and concrete pavement to gain traction in street, road, and highway tenders across Brazil.

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