Cement Shipments in Argentina Fall in January

January 2024 saw a significant decrease in cement shipments in Argentina, according to the Portland Cement Manufacturers Association (AFCP).

Cement Shipments in Argentina Fall in January
Photo by Fernando Távora / Unsplash

In Argentina, the cement industry experienced a notable downturn in January 2024, with shipments reaching 772,874 tons, marking a 20% decline compared to the same month in 2023. This data, provided by the Portland Cement Manufacturers Association (AFCP), reflects a challenging start to the year for the construction sector. The domestic market absorbed 766,837 tons, experiencing a 19.87% year-over-year decrease, while exports fell by 18.48% to 6,036 tons. Cement imports were recorded at 460 tons.

This decrease in cement shipments is seen as a precursor to the general activity trends in the construction sector for January, with official statistics to be released by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) on March 6. The construction sector's performance is closely watched, as it is a significant indicator of economic health and development. Last year, the construction sector saw varied performance across different materials, with some experiencing growth while others saw declines.

The industry's outlook remains cautious, with a significant portion of those involved in private construction anticipating a decrease in activity during the first quarter of 2024. Similarly, expectations among those engaged in public works are predominantly pessimistic, with a majority forecasting a downturn in activity.