Cemento País: A Key Partner in Improving Cartagena's Road Network

Cemento País has joined the 'Guerra frontal contra los huecos' initiative, led by Mayor Dumek Turbay, to enhance the road infrastructure in Cartagena, Colombia.

Cemento País: A Key Partner in Improving Cartagena's Road Network
Photo by Leandro Loureiro / Unsplash

In Cartagena, Colombia, the ambitious program 'Guerra frontal contra los huecos,' spearheaded by Mayor Dumek Turbay, has gained a significant ally in Cemento País.

The company's involvement in this initiative marks a pivotal moment in the revitalization of the city's road infrastructure. Known for its efficiency and swift execution, the program has been well-received by the community, setting an exceptional standard for road repair in record time.

Cemento País has leveraged its expertise in replacing slabs in the Crespo neighborhood, significantly improving mobility conditions for its residents. Carlos Espinosa Osorio, the commercial manager of Cemento País, highlighted the central role of the Cartagena Mayor's Office in setting a benchmark for impactful road construction projects.

This collaboration not only enhances the quality of life for the people of Cartagena but also facilitates their movement around the city, positively impacting the community.

Cemento País reaffirms its unwavering commitment to addressing urban infrastructure challenges, contributing to the ongoing progress and development of Cartagena and its inhabitants.