Cemex Advances Towards Carbon Neutrality with Low-Emission Cement Production in All Spanish Plants

Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, is now producing low-emission CO2 cement across all its active plants in Spain, marking a significant step towards its 2050 carbon neutrality goal.

Cemex Advances Towards Carbon Neutrality with Low-Emission Cement Production in All Spanish Plants
Photo by Daniel Prado / Unsplash

Cemex, a major player in the global cement industry, is making strides towards achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The company has successfully transitioned all its active cement plants in Spain - Morata de Jalón (Zaragoza), Alcanar (Tarragona), Alicante, and Castillejo (Toledo) - to produce sustainable cements with lower CO2 emissions.

Under the brand Vertua, Cemex offers a range of low-emission CO2 products, including cement, mortars, additives, and concrete. These innovative products, many developed at the Cemex R&D Central Laboratory in Switzerland, utilize high-quality materials combined with waste and industrial by-products, alternative fuels and raw materials, and efficient energy and water-saving processes, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

The Vertua cement range includes Vertua Plus, with a carbon footprint 25-40% lower than similar cements; Vertua Ultra, 40-55% lower; and Vertua Supremo, over 55% reduction. Vertua Supremo is available in the Balearic Islands in water-soluble bags that dissolve and integrate into the final product without generating additional waste or altering the product quality.

Cemex's commitment to sustainability extends to its concrete production, with 96% of its output having a lower carbon footprint compared to the sectoral Product Environmental Declaration (DAP) standard of 237kg CO2 eq/m3. The Vertua concrete range includes Vertua Classic, with a carbon footprint under 200kg CO2 eq/m3; Vertua Plus, under 170kg CO2 eq/m3; and Vertua Ultra, under 100kg CO2 eq/m3.

Through its sustainability and decarbonization strategy, Futuro en Acción, Cemex has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint since its launch in 2020. The company's strategy focuses on six pillars and numerous initiatives: sustainable products and solutions, decarbonization of operations, circular economy, water and biodiversity, innovation and partnerships, and promoting a green economy.

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