CIMAF to Build a Cement Factory in Mali

Ciments de l’Afrique (CIMAF) is expanding its presence in Mali with the construction of a new cement production unit in Natien, Sikasso region, marking a significant step for the Moroccan cement manufacturer.

CIMAF to Build a Cement Factory in Mali
Photo by Bruno Miguel / Unsplash

The Moroccan cement group, Ciments de l’Afrique (CIMAF), has initiated the construction of a new cement factory in Natien, located in the Sikasso region of Mali. The groundbreaking ceremony, attended by CIMAF's vice-president Malik Sefrioui, signifies the company's commitment to strengthening its industrial footprint in Mali.

This strategic expansion aligns with CIMAF's vision to enhance cement production capacity and meet the growing demand in the Malian market and beyond. The establishment of this new production unit underscores CIMAF's role as a key player in the African cement industry, contributing to the development of infrastructure and the construction sector in Mali.

Source: L'Economiste