Company Reconsidering Role of Kilmar Cement Plant

The future of the Kilmar cement plant in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, currently not in operation, is under review by its owner, Heidelberg Materials.

Company Reconsidering Role of Kilmar Cement Plant
Photo by Jan Weber / Unsplash

Heidelberg Materials, a German conglomerate, has been contemplating the next steps for the Kilmar Terminal since its acquisition from Colacem in 2018.

The plant, which ceased cement production activities in 2019, has since served Heidelberg's logistical needs tied to its Picton plant in Prince Edward County, Ontario. According to Jeff Sieg, Director of Corporate Communications for North America at Heidelberg, the company has stopped utilizing the Kilmar facility for storage and distribution, leading to an ongoing assessment of potential paths forward for the site.

The uncertainty surrounding the plant's fate—whether it might resume production, remain unused, or face demolition—reflects the broader strategic considerations Heidelberg Materials must weigh. Adding a layer of intrigue to the facility's recent history, the Kilmar Terminal has hosted an unspecified film or television production, indicating a temporary pivot away from its industrial origins.

As Heidelberg Materials deliberates on the Kilmar plant's future, the decision will likely factor in the broader context of the company's operational footprint in North America and the evolving needs of the cement and construction materials market.

Source: The Review