Dien Bien Cement Company Kicks Off 2024 Production with High Aspirations

Dien Bien Cement Company launches its 2024 production and business operations with the ambitious goal of producing and selling 350,000 tons of cement, maintaining and enhancing its brand presence both within and outside the province.

Dien Bien Cement Company Kicks Off 2024 Production with High Aspirations
Photo: baomoi.com

On the morning of February 15, Dien Bien Cement Company held a ceremony to commence its production and business activities for 2024, aiming to solidify and elevate the Dien Bien cement brand in the market. The event was attended by nearly 300 staff members, including over 30 sales agents and distinguished customers from the province. Despite facing challenges in 2023, such as limited product distribution outside the province, the company managed to sell over 300,000 tons of cement, thanks to its flexible strategies and market development efforts. This achievement provided stable employment and income for nearly 300 workers while ensuring safety and fire prevention measures.

For 2024, Dien Bien Cement Company sets its sights on producing and selling more than 350,000 tons of cement and continuing to improve the living standards of its workers. To reach this goal, the company plans to implement rigorous measures to enhance technology and machinery, thereby reducing production costs, increasing profits, and improving product quality. Currently, Dien Bien cement holds a 93% market share within the province. On the first day of the campaign, the company successfully sold 1,500 tons of cement, demonstrating the collective determination of its staff to achieve their goals from the very start of the year.

Source: Baomoi