Hanla and Asea Cement Expand Experience-Based Induction for MZ Generation

Hanla Cement and Asea Cement have introduced a new induction program tailored to the characteristics of the MZ generation for their management position new hires.

Hanla and Asea Cement Expand Experience-Based Induction for MZ Generation
Photo by Timo Volz / Unsplash

The induction program at Hanla Cement and Asea Cement is designed to accommodate the unique preferences of the MZ generation, moving away from traditional lecture-based training to more interactive, field-experience activities. A total of 25 participants will undergo not only a company-wide induction program but also department-specific On-the-Job Training (OJT).

This year's induction training emphasizes activities that promote natural engagement and participation, considering the MZ generation's comfort with active and communicative learning environments. The program includes site visits to production plants, cultural tours, empathy-enhancing workshops, and cultural performances, aiming to foster communication among team members. Both companies plan to apply this induction model to various internal training and events, reflecting a commitment to adapting educational content to the evolving workforce demographic.

Insights and Analysis:

  • Adapting to the MZ Generation: How can traditional industries effectively integrate the preferences and characteristics of younger generations into their workforce development strategies?
  • The Role of Experience in Learning: What impact do hands-on and immersive learning experiences have on employee engagement and retention compared to traditional learning methods?
  • Future of Workforce Training: How might the evolution of induction and training programs influence the broader landscape of professional development in the future?

Source: 대한경제