Hyundai Construction Develops 'Super-Strength' Concrete for Cold Weather

Hyundai Construction has announced the development of a new type of concrete, known as 'super-strength' concrete, which is designed to set quickly even at temperatures as low as 5°C.

Hyundai Construction Develops 'Super-Strength' Concrete for Cold Weather
Photo by Jonny James / Unsplash

Hyundai Construction, in collaboration with Sampyo Industry, has developed 'super-strength' concrete using nano-particle homogenization technology and raw material purity management.

Announced on February 29, this concrete achieves initial compressive strength quickly and uniformly, making it ideal for winter construction. Unlike traditional concrete, which requires heat sources like brown coal and heaters to maintain temperatures above 10°C for curing, this new concrete can accelerate the cement hydration reaction at just 5°C, reaching a strength of over 5MPa within 24 hours.

This not only enhances durability and allows for quicker subsequent construction processes but also minimizes safety hazards associated with gas leaks, suffocation, and fires since it does not require many heat sources. Additionally, it maintains uniform quality across all sections without depending on heat supply, reducing costs and construction time.

This technology has been applied to various sites, including the Daegok-Sosa double-track railway and the Hillstate Indeokwon Vertex, demonstrating its economic and practical benefits. Hyundai Construction has secured original technology for raw material production and manufacturing processes, planning to expand its application while maintaining quality and supply continuity.

Furthermore, this technology has been designated as 'Disaster Safety New Technology No. 2023-27' by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, recognizing its potential to reduce collapse accidents during winter construction.

Insights and Analysis:

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