Increase in cement prices in Argentina due to inflation

The price of cement in Argentina has been constantly increasing due to inflation, affecting the construction industry.

Increase in cement prices in Argentina due to inflation

The construction industry in Argentina has been facing a constant increase in the price of cement, which is a key input in the sector. The price of a bag of cement has risen from $2,600 in February 2023 to $8,000 in February 2024, according to a survey by the Center of Engineers of Mendoza.

This increase in prices has impacted the sales of construction materials, with the Construya index reporting a 29.2% decrease in sales in January 2024.

The inflation rate in Argentina has been high, with the Red Edificar index showing an accumulated variation of prices for all of 2023 of 354.64%. The increase in prices has affected the construction industry, with the CAME index reporting a 31% decrease in sales.

The implementation of the new program Cuota Simple, which allows for payment in installments, may help revitalize the sector, although there are still doubts about its effectiveness.

Source: MDZ Online