Low-Cost Cement and Mortar Fair Held in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Cement Corporation, in collaboration with the Autonomous Services Institute of Sucre State (Inservip), has organized a low-cost fair to support local communities by offering white and gray cement, as well as mortar, at cost price.

Low-Cost Cement and Mortar Fair Held in Venezuela
Photo by Kevin Keith / Unsplash

On February 21, 2024, a notable initiative was launched in Sucre Municipality, Venezuela, aimed at aiding community development and home improvement projects. The fair, a collaborative effort between the Venezuelan Cement Corporation and Inservip, is set to provide essential construction materials at significantly reduced prices.

Cement bags are priced at $5.15 each, while mortar bags are available for $2.32, with immediate delivery options available. This initiative is part of a broader effort to make building materials more accessible to the public, thereby facilitating the construction and renovation of homes in the region.

Santiago Echeverría, director of Inaservip, expressed the organization's commitment to offering construction materials at affordable prices. This move is expected to contribute significantly to the development and enhancement of housing conditions within the community. Furthermore, there are plans to replicate this fair throughout the year, ensuring ongoing support for local construction needs.

The fair is hosted at the Inaservip facilities on Avenida Cancamure, starting in the morning hours. This initiative not only supports the local construction industry but also aligns with broader efforts to improve living standards in the region through sustainable development practices.

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