Peru's National Cement Dispatch Surpasses One Million Metric Tons in January 2024

After 16 months of decline, Peru's national cement dispatch experienced a 9% increase in January 2024, surpassing one million metric tons, according to the Association of Cement Producers (Asocem).

Peru's National Cement Dispatch Surpasses One Million Metric Tons in January 2024
Photo by McKayla Crump / Unsplash

In a significant turnaround, Peru's national cement dispatch reached over one million metric tons in January 2024, marking a 9% increase after a prolonged 16-month period of decline. This data, provided by the Association of Cement Producers (Asocem), includes dispatches from associated companies and an estimate from non-associated companies. Despite this positive development, the cumulative figure for the past 12 months still shows a 10% decrease compared to the period from February 2022 to January 2023.

Cement production, however, did not follow the same upward trend. Asocem's member companies produced 924,000 tons of cement in January, a slight 1% decrease compared to January 2023. Clinker production also saw a decline, reaching 857,000 metric tons, 12% less than in January 2023 and 8.8% lower than in December 2023.

Export and import activities also reflected mixed results. Cement exports in January 2024 amounted to 10,000 metric tons, a 31% decrease from the same period last year, despite being 37% higher than in December 2023. Clinker exports saw a 9% decrease year-on-year, totaling 33,000 tons. On the other hand, cement imports surged by 514% compared to January 2023, reaching 31,000 metric tons, predominantly from Vietnam (86%) and Chile (14%).

Electricity demand from Asocem-associated companies in January 2024 reached 96 gigawatt-hours, an 11% decrease from January 2023 but 3% higher than the monthly average for the previous year.

Source: Construyendo