Price Of Block In Nigeria As Cement Sells For N10,000

Nigeria’s construction sector faces a steep rise in the cost of building materials, particularly blocks, driven by increased prices of cement, now selling for N10,000, and sharp sand.

Price Of Block In Nigeria As Cement Sells For N10,000
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

The construction industry in Nigeria is currently struggling with significant increases in the cost of essential building materials, with blocks experiencing a notable surge due to the heightened costs of cement, now priced at N10,000, and sharp sand. Blocks, crucial for construction, are available in various dimensions, including 6 inches, 5 inches, and 9 inches, with options for both hollow and non-hollow types to meet different structural requirements. These cement blocks present an economical and efficient alternative to traditional bricks for construction projects.

The price for blocks varies across Nigeria, influenced by the locality and the cost of a sand trip in the region. On average, the price for a 6-inch block stands at N350, whereas a 9-inch block is priced at about N550. The production cost of blocks is directly linked to cement prices, with one bag of cement producing approximately 45 blocks of 6 inches and a 20 tons trip of sand yielding about 315 blocks.

Besides size variations, the market also offers blocks designed for specific construction purposes, such as regular and stone dust blocks, mainly used for laying foundations and building walls. The quality and application of these blocks play a significant role in determining their prices in the market.

Average Prices for Blocks in Nigeria:

  • 5 inches block: N250
  • Hollow 6 inches block: N350
  • Non-Hollow 6 inches block: N350
  • Stone dust block: N350
  • Hollow 9 inches Block: N500
  • Stone dust block: N550
  • Non-Hollow 9 inches Block: N650
  • Solid concrete block: N450

Source: Naija News