PyroGenesis Enters Cement Industry with Green Cement Development Contract

PyroGenesis Canada Inc., a leader in advanced plasma processes, secures a new contract worth C$450,000 with a U.S. structural materials company for the development of green cement, marking its entry into a sector responsible for significant CO2 emissions.

PyroGenesis Enters Cement Industry with Green Cement Development Contract

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. has announced a significant step towards sustainable solutions in the cement industry with a new contract valued at approximately C$450,000.

This agreement, partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, positions PyroGenesis at the forefront of green cement development. The collaboration with a U.S. structural materials entity, whose identity remains confidential due to contractual agreements, underscores the potential for reducing the cement sector's environmental impact, which accounts for more than 8% of global CO2 emissions.

Under this contract, PyroGenesis will design and build a customized system tailored for lab-scale cement production. This innovative setup will include a plasma torch, a refractory furnace, and the necessary components for gas, power, and cooling, aiming to enhance cement development and testing while significantly reducing emissions. Unlike traditional fossil fuel-based processes, this technology represents a leap towards decarbonization in cement production.

CEO P Peter Pascali emphasized the cement industry's role as a major emitter and highlighted PyroGenesis' commitment to offering greenhouse gas-free technologies. By integrating electric plasma torches in various production steps, the company aims to help transition the industry towards the production of green cement. This initiative not only supports the global sustainability efforts but also provides the heavy industry with an economically viable alternative to conventional processes, reinforcing PyroGenesis' role in promoting environmental stewardship.


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