Saint-Gobain Boosts Sustainability with Investments in Innovative Low-Carbon Cement Startups

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals is taking significant steps toward sustainability by investing in two innovative firms, Fortera and Ecocem, focusing on low-carbon cement and concrete technologies.

Saint-Gobain Boosts Sustainability with Investments in Innovative Low-Carbon Cement Startups
Photo by Damjan Dobrila / Unsplash

Saint-Gobain's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry is evident through its recent investments in companies developing cutting-edge low-carbon cement technologies. This move aims to address the environmental challenges posed by traditional cement production methods and to propel the industry towards a more sustainable future.

  • Fortera: Saint-Gobain participated in the fundraising efforts of Fortera, a startup that has created a revolutionary process to manufacture low-carbon cement by recycling CO2 emissions generated during production. Fortera's ReCarb process, a patented technology, enables the mineralization of CO2, significantly reducing the direct carbon emissions of existing cement plants by up to 70%. This technology not only reduces emissions but also moves towards achieving net-zero carbon cement production when combined with renewable energy sources.
  • Ecocem: Additionally, Saint-Gobain has extended its support to Ecocem, a European leader in low-carbon cement technologies. Ecocem is pioneering the development and large-scale application of new cement technologies, notably its Advanced Cement Technology (ACT), which is compatible with all supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs). The ACT technology has recently received a European Technical Assessment, and its carbon footprint is assessed to be 70% lower than the average CEM II cement sold in the European market.

These partnerships reflect Saint-Gobain's strategic focus on co-development with new partners in fast-growing markets, aiming to accelerate profitable growth in construction chemicals through the adoption of sustainable and innovative solutions. By supporting Fortera and Ecocem, Saint-Gobain is not only investing in the future of low-carbon construction materials but also contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.


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