Senegal's Cement Production Increases in November 2023

In November 2023, Senegal witnessed a significant increase in cement production, driven by robust exports and local sales.

Senegal's Cement Production Increases in November 2023
Photo by Curioso Photography / Unsplash

Senegal experienced a notable boost in its cement industry in November 2023, with production surging by 21.9% compared to the previous month. This growth, as reported by the National Agency of Statistics and Demography (Ansd), was fueled by a 22.8% increase in exports and a 15.7% rise in local sales during the period.

When compared to November 2022, local sales saw an 18.1% increase, while production rose by 14.7%. However, the report also highlighted a 11.6% decrease in cement exports over the same period, indicating a mixed performance in the sector's external trade.

This dynamic growth in Senegal's cement production underscores the industry's significant contribution to the country's economic development, despite the fluctuating export figures.