Sharp Decline in Iron and Cement Prices on February 19

Iron and cement prices in Egypt experienced a significant drop on February 19, with Ezz Steel witnessing a sharp decline of more than 900 EGP per ton.

Sharp Decline in Iron and Cement Prices on February 19
Photo by Flying Carpet / Unsplash

On Monday, February 19, the construction materials market in Egypt saw a notable fluctuation in the prices of iron and cement, characterized by both increases and decreases. A particular focus has been on the sharp decline in the price of Ezz Steel, which fell by more than 900 Egyptian pounds per ton.

This decrease is part of the broader volatility affecting building materials prices, prompting stakeholders to closely monitor these changes. The fluctuation in prices reflects the dynamic nature of the market, influenced by various economic factors and supply-demand dynamics.

Cement price today

Today, gray cement prices recorded an increase of about 63.71 pounds over the prices announced yesterday, recording an average price of 2,420.61 pounds.

The price of a ton of Al-Muallem cement is 1,980 pounds. The share is 1950 pounds. Cheetah 1970 pounds. Nile Valley 1980 pounds. Military Beni Suef 1950 pounds. Armed 2070 pounds. South Valley 1970 pounds. The special amount is 2000 pounds. Suez Cement 2040 pounds. Swedish: 2140 pounds. Military 1960 pounds. Victory: 2040 pounds. Sinai Cement 1970 Source: El Mostaqbal