Shijingshan District to Implement 197 Major Projects in 2024

In a bold move to accelerate industrial transformation and urban renewal, Shijingshan District in Beijing plans to implement 197 major projects in 2024, aiming to boost the development of new productive forces and support high-quality economic growth.

Shijingshan District to Implement 197 Major Projects in 2024
Photo by Marko Sun / Unsplash

Shijingshan District has set an ambitious agenda for 2024, planning to roll out 197 significant projects across various sectors including industrial transformation, urban renewal, infrastructure, and public services. This initiative is part of the district's efforts to drive industrial transformation and speed up urban renewal, thereby fostering the development of new productive forces and providing robust support for the region's high-quality economic development.

In the first quarter alone, Shijingshan District will kickstart 40 major projects. These encompass a wide range of initiatives from the construction of the Beijing Banking and Insurance Industrial Park and the Shijingshan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Model Computing Center to infrastructure projects like the reinforcement of the Yongding River Left Bank Yan Shan Cement Factory section and the construction of public service projects such as the Yamenkou Primary School and the Wan Shang Youth Apartment emergency conversion project.

The Shijingshan AI Computing Center, built to the highest national standards, will initially boast a computing power of 610P. It aims to serve as a foundational computing base for the AI industry, supporting applications in finance, large models, the metaverse, virtual reality, intelligent manufacturing, and smart cities. Scheduled for completion in October 2024, the center will lay a solid foundation for Shijingshan's ambition to become a cluster area for the AI big model industry.

Another key project, the reinforcement of the Yongding River Left Bank Yan Shan Cement Factory section, involves a total investment of 700 million yuan. It aims to enhance flood protection by raising and reinforcing the embankment, building a combined embankment-road section, and installing new flood prevention walls. Upon completion, this project will significantly improve flood prevention capabilities in the Shijingshan section of the Yongding River, ensuring the safety of the central urban area of Beijing and surrounding residential communities during the flood season.

In addition to these projects, Shijingshan District will continue to focus on high-quality development to meet the public's needs for a better life. The district plans to carry out 44 important public welfare projects and 67 poverty alleviation projects, push forward the renovation of 100 old residential communities, complete comprehensive renovation projects for 30 old communities, and ensure that the renovation tasks set for a five-year period are completed within four years. Efforts will also be made to expand the supply of high-quality educational resources, improve the environment of backstreets and alleys, and build a "city of quality."

Source: People's Daily Online