Significant Drop in Cement Prices in Raipur

Cement prices in Raipur have seen a substantial decrease, reaching levels last seen two and a half years ago.

Significant Drop in Cement Prices in Raipur

In Raipur, the construction sector is witnessing a significant reduction in cement prices. According to recent reports, cement prices have plummeted to their lowest in two and a half years, currently ranging between 270 to 280 INR per bag. This price level was last observed in August 2021, but prices had escalated to as high as 360 INR per bag by October 2022 due to a truck strike. The end of the strike saw a gradual decrease in prices, leading to the current affordable rates.

The decrease in cement prices is part of a broader trend of falling construction material costs, attributed to a continuous decline in demand within the building construction market. Additionally, the price of steel bars (sariya) has also decreased, currently priced at 54,000 INR per ton, down from a peak of 80,000 INR per ton in March 2022. Factory prices for steel bars are even lower, at 51,000 INR per ton.

Despite the drop in cement and steel prices, the cost of bricks and sand remains slightly elevated. Red bricks are selling for between 6,000 to 6,500 INR per thousand, while sand is priced at 18 to 19 INR per cubic foot. However, industry insiders anticipate a reduction in sand prices as supply improves.

Source: Nai Dunia