Ssangyong C&E Leads in Online Interest Among Cement Manufacturers in 2023

Ssangyong C&E emerged as the most discussed cement manufacturer online in 2023, followed by Sungshin Cement and Hanil Cement, according to a comprehensive analysis by Data & Research.

Ssangyong C&E Leads in Online Interest Among Cement Manufacturers in 2023

In a recent study conducted by the polling agency Data & Research, Ssangyong C&E was identified as the most talked-about cement manufacturer online in 2023 among major South Korean producers. This analysis, which spanned over 230,000 sites across 12 channels including news, community forums, blogs, cafes, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, KakaoStory, and more, placed Sungshin Cement and Hanil Cement in the subsequent positions.

The study selected publicly listed companies involved in cement production and supply, focusing on the volume of information (number of posts) generated about each. The companies analyzed, in order of their online presence, were Ssangyong C&E, Sungshin Cement, Hanil Cement, Sampyo Cement, Asia Cement, Korea Cement, Hanil Hyundai Cement, and Halla Cement.

Ssangyong C&E topped the chart with a total of 26,218 postings, highlighting its significant online presence. Notably, a piece of news shared in December on Ppomppu, a popular online forum, discussed a meeting in Samcheok, Gangwon-do, to review the progress of a project aimed at utilizing domestically produced fly ash as a cement material. This initiative, involving Ssangyong C&E among others, aims to recycle over 900,000 tons of unused fly ash annually, showcasing the industry's efforts towards sustainable practices.

Moreover, Ssangyong C&E was recognized for its sustainability efforts, having been inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Korea Sustainability Index (KSI) for the tenth consecutive year, a first for the construction-related industry. The company received high marks for sustainable resource use, fair competition practices, and transparency in management activities.

Sungshin Cement, with 18,045 posts, secured the second spot. Among the highlighted activities was its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two Saudi Arabian cement and building materials companies for infrastructure projects in Neom City, indicating its active engagement in international cooperation and market expansion.

The analysis also captured discussions around the cement price increase in 2023, a topic that saw significant attention across various online platforms. Sungshin Cement, for instance, was mentioned in the context of a 14.3% price hike for its bulk cement, reflecting the broader industry trend influenced by government policies on electricity rates.

This comprehensive online interest analysis underscores the dynamic nature of the cement industry in South Korea, highlighting key players' efforts towards innovation, sustainability, and global market expansion.