Stability in Iron and Cement Prices in Egypt as of February 13, 2024

Iron and cement prices in Egypt have remained stable in the local markets at the beginning of trading on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

Stability in Iron and Cement Prices in Egypt as of February 13, 2024
Photo by Anaya Katlego / Unsplash

In Egypt, the construction sector witnessed stability in the prices of key materials at the start of trading on February 13, 2024. Iron prices have maintained their levels with Ezz Steel recording a price of 49,920 EGP per ton. Similarly, Suez Steel for Steel matched this price, while Beshay Steel was slightly lower at 42,900 EGP per ton. Egyptian Steel also remained stable at 49,920 EGP per ton, with El Garhy Steel at 49,750 EGP per ton and El Geioshy Steel at 49,000 EGP per ton.

Cement prices also showed stability across various brands. The price for a ton of reinforced cement stood at 2,130 EGP, with Nasr Cement at 2,090 EGP per ton. Wadi El Nile Cement was slightly higher at 2,095 EGP per ton, and El Mokawm Cement at 2,085 EGP per ton. Specialized cement remained at 2,130 EGP per ton, with Suez Cement at 2,135 EGP per ton and Swedish Cement at the higher end of 2,295 EGP per ton. Helwan Cement's price was around 2,125 EGP per ton, reflecting a broad stability across the board.

This stability in prices is crucial for the construction industry, providing a predictable cost environment for developers and builders. It also reflects the market's current equilibrium between supply and demand for these essential construction materials.

Source: Shorouk News