Switzerland Sees Decline in Cement Deliveries in 2023

The Swiss cement industry experienced a contraction in delivery volumes in 2023, with a notable decrease in both the annual and final quarter figures.

Switzerland Sees Decline in Cement Deliveries in 2023
Photo by Sven / Unsplash

In 2023, the Swiss cement industry faced a downturn in delivery volumes. According to a recent announcement by the Swiss Cement Industry Association (Cemsuisse), both the entire year and the last quarter of 2023 witnessed a significant decline in cement deliveries, amounting to a 10% reduction.

Despite the overall annual decline, the industry observed a positive trend in the final quarter (October to December) compared to the previous quarters. However, the pressure from imports of foreign cement remains high, posing a challenge to the Swiss cement industry.

Cemsuisse also reported that the share of Swiss cement increased, reaching 95.9%. Regarding transportation, 37.6% of Swiss cement was transported by rail, marking an increase of 0.9% compared to 2022. This shift towards rail transportation reflects the industry's ongoing efforts to optimize logistics and reduce environmental impact.