Syria Revamps Cement Sector with New Entity 'Omran'

Syria's cement industry undergoes a significant transformation with President Bashar al-Assad's decree establishing 'Omran,' a new entity aimed at enhancing the sector's efficiency and market responsiveness.

Syria Revamps Cement Sector with New Entity 'Omran'
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

In a strategic move to revitalize its state-owned cement sector, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has issued Legislative Decree No.3 for 2024. This decree heralds the formation of a new entity, the General Company for the Manufacture and Marketing of Cement and Building Materials, commonly known as 'Omran'.

A Strategic Shift: The inception of Omran represents more than just a rebranding effort. It signifies a major strategic shift intended to augment the operational capacity and flexibility of Syria's cement industry. This new entity replaces the previous General Organization of Cement & Building Material and its subsidiaries, setting the stage for a more dynamic and resilient sector.

Omran’s Autonomy: The decree grants Omran legal personality, financial, and administrative independence. This autonomy is expected to empower the entity to optimize its operations, make strategic decisions, and swiftly adapt to market changes.

Implications for Development: The establishment of Omran is aligned with the Syrian government's broader objectives to enhance the efficiency and productivity of key industries. The cement sector, being vital for infrastructure and development projects, stands at the forefront of this reform. The overhaul is anticipated to have significant implications for Syria's economic landscape, potentially driving development and growth in the region.

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