Taewon Industrial, +4.64% Increase in Rise

Taewon Industrial's stock price has experienced an expansion in its rise, trading at 4,395 KRW, marking an increase of 4.64% compared to the previous day

Taewon Industrial, +4.64% Increase in Rise
Photo by Lina Loos / Unsplash

As of March 19, 2024, Taewon Industrial has seen an upward trend in its stock price, which is now trading at 4,395 KRW, achieving a 4.64% increase from the previous day. This follows a recent pattern of fluctuations in the company's stock value, with foreign investors purchasing 100 shares and institutions selling 30 shares over the past week, during which the stock price has decreased by 4.11%.

Recent stock performance of Taewon Industrial shows varying changes, with notable adjustments on specific dates:

  • March 18: 4,200 KRW, marking a 4.00% decrease.
  • March 15: 4,375 KRW, with a 3.43% increase.
  • March 14: 4,230 KRW, experiencing a 1.63% decrease.
  • March 13: 4,300 KRW, marking a 1.83% decrease.
  • March 12: 4,380 KRW, with a 1.35% decrease.

This analysis is part of a real-time reporting effort by C-Biz봇, a robot journalist developed by Dunamu's Securities Plus. Taewon Industrial's associated themes and the trading performance of related companies are also under review, including various ups and downs in the prices of related stocks in the industry.


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