Tangshan's Green Manufacturing System Makes New Progress

Tangshan city in China continues to make significant strides in building a green manufacturing system, focusing on key industries like steel, chemical, and cement.

Tangshan's Green Manufacturing System Makes New Progress
Photo by Julius Carmine / Unsplash

Tangshan, a major industrial city in China, is making notable progress in developing its green manufacturing system. This advancement is particularly evident in key high-energy-consuming industries such as steel, chemical, and cement. The city has been focusing on cultivating enterprises and organizing the creation of green factories, green industrial parks, green design products, and green supply chain management companies.

As of now, Tangshan has cultivated 124 provincial-level green factories, including 41 at the national level, leading the province in this regard. The city also boasts 29 provincial-level green design products, 8 provincial-level green supply chain management companies, and 1 provincial-level green industrial park.

The green factories in Tangshan are distributed across multiple industries, playing a demonstrative and leading role within their sectors. The city's efforts in green manufacturing have significantly improved industrial energy efficiency, water efficiency, and comprehensive utilization levels. This has led to the emergence of high-quality enterprises and technological equipment, promoting low-carbon industrial development.

Tangshan's commitment to green manufacturing is supported by robust policy backing, including financial incentives for green factories and parks. The city's future plans involve further implementing green development concepts, improving the green manufacturing system, and accelerating energy-saving and carbon-reduction efforts in key industries and areas.

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