The Dominican Republic Advances Towards a More Sustainable Cement Industry

The Dominican Republic is making significant strides towards achieving the goals of the 2050 agenda for the cement industry, which aims to foster a more sustainable and environmentally friendly global cement industry.

The Dominican Republic Advances Towards a More Sustainable Cement Industry
Photo by Asael Peña / Unsplash

Manuel Lascarro, Director of the Ibero-American Federation of Ready-Mixed Concrete and General Director of the Colombian Chamber of Cement and Concrete, highlighted the Dominican cement and concrete market's potential.

He noted that the Dominican Republic has prioritized sustainability for years and actively participates in international sustainability activities. The country has established a roadmap for sustainability, focusing on reducing emissions and improving technical efficiency, alternative fuels, and electrical efficiency.

During a webinar organized by the Dominican Association of Portland Cement Producers (ADOCEM), Lascarro emphasized the Dominican Republic's significant role in cement supply not only domestically but also across the Caribbean region. Despite being a developing country, the Dominican Republic has opportunities to enhance efficiency in the use and development of ready-mixed concrete.

ADOCEM's executive director, Julissa Báez, mentioned that cement companies in the country have environmental management systems in place to manage air quality, water, noise, and emissions, ensuring continuous improvement in their processes. The Dominican Republic is working towards a low-carbon economy, with each company contributing to the collective commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Insights and Analysis:

  • Sustainable Development: How is the Dominican Republic's focus on sustainability influencing the broader Caribbean and Latin American cement industry?
  • Environmental Management: What role do environmental management systems play in achieving sustainability goals in the cement industry?
  • Future Commitments: How will the Dominican Republic's commitment to reducing emissions shape the future of construction and infrastructure development in the region?

Source: El Nuevo Diario