The Future of Cabo Blanco: The Last Remaining Cement Parador in Pinamar

Cabo Blanco, the only surviving cement parador in Pinamar, currently abandoned and surrounded by debris, faces an uncertain future with three potential outcomes being considered.

The Future of Cabo Blanco: The Last Remaining Cement Parador in Pinamar
Photo by Rafael Hoyos Weht / Unsplash

Cabo Blanco, located in the northern zone of Pinamar, stands as the last of the original 46 cement and concrete paradores that once dotted the 22-kilometer coastline of this city. Today, it remains the sole survivor, abandoned and in a state of disrepair, covered in graffiti and surrounded by bottles, rubble, and paper. The structure, which includes about 2000 square meters of built area and over 600 square meters of underground space, is partially buried under sand dunes, though its access to the sea and parking area are still in use.

Sebasti√°n Cufari, Secretary of Planning of Pinamar, outlined three potential futures for Cabo Blanco:

  • The first option involves demolishing the structure to convert the area into a public beach.
  • Another possibility is to tender it for transformation into a new beach resort, with the demolition responsibility falling on the concessionaire.
  • The third option is to repurpose it as a new base for the Argentine Naval Prefecture, which requires a new operational unit in Pinamar. In this scenario, the Prefecture would handle the demolition, potentially preserving the underground construction, which could have a significant environmental impact.

The decision on Cabo Blanco's future will be made after the end of the current season, with the municipality weighing which option is most beneficial.


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