Spain: The Port of La Luz Offers a New Location for El Pajar Cement Factory

The president of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, revealed on Monday that she has informed the managers of the El Pajar cement factory, Ceisa, about the availability of space in the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas to relocate the industry currently situated at the port of Santa Águeda.

Spain: The Port of La Luz Offers a New Location for El Pajar Cement Factory
Photo by Gran Canaria For Nomad List / Unsplash

The relocation of the El Pajar cement factory is part of a broader initiative to optimize the use of port spaces in Las Palmas. Pablo Rodríguez, the Canary Islands Government's Public Works Councilor, emphasized that the cement factory, which has been operating for over 50 years at the Santa Águeda port facility, does not belong in its current location and should be situated in an industrial zone. The government's stance is that the Santa Águeda port should transition to a sports and tourism port, as outlined in the previous Insular Planning Scheme.

The concession for Ceisa at the Santa Águeda port has expired, and the company has been in a transitional period due to an open file from the previous term regarding its request to continue using the port. Rodríguez stated that the administrative procedure related to the concession renewal requested by Ceisa would be resolved, indicating that the extension requested by the cement factory would not be granted. Furthermore, Ceisa is not entitled to any compensation for not being granted the extension and is required to draft a project for dismantling its facilities in the port area.

Source: Canarias7