Celsia Announces Construction of Solar Complex in Colombia for Cemex

Celsia, a Colombian power company, has disclosed plans to construct and operate a 19.9-MWac solar farm exclusively for Cemex's Caracolito cement factory in Tolima, Colombia.

Celsia Announces Construction of Solar Complex in Colombia for Cemex

This initiative forms part of the broader 109.4-MW Escobal solar power complex, marking a significant step towards renewable energy usage in cement production.

Celsia has embarked on an ambitious project to build the Escobal solar power complex in Ibague, Colombia, with a portion dedicated to powering Cemex's Caracolito cement factory. This 19.9-MWac solar farm is set to provide 42,865 MWh of electricity annually to the factory, significantly reducing its reliance on thermoelectric sources. The initiative underscores a pivotal shift towards renewable energy in the cement industry, enabling the Caracolito factory to substitute 25% of its electricity consumption with solar power.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the Escobal complex will stand as Celsia's largest cluster of solar farms, reflecting the company's commitment to expanding its solar energy footprint. This project aligns with Cemex's strategic goal of incorporating renewable energy into its operations, marking a decisive step in its sustainable production efforts in Colombia.

Celsia, boasting 17 operational solar farms with over 300 MW of installed capacity across Colombia, aims to reach a milestone of 1,000 MW in photovoltaic projects under construction and development. This vision includes contributions to the national grid and direct benefits to various industrial sectors, reinforcing the utility's role in the country's transition towards greener energy solutions.


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