VICEM Achieves Remarkable Production and Revenue Milestones in 2023

Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM) reports a significant year in production and revenue, contributing substantially to the state budget in 2023.

VICEM Achieves Remarkable Production and Revenue Milestones in 2023
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM) has announced its impressive production and financial results for the year 2023. Despite facing a challenging economic environment, the company successfully produced over 16.5 million tons of clinker and 20.5 million tons of cement. This robust production capacity led to a total consumption of 27.46 million tons of cement products.

Financially, VICEM's performance was equally noteworthy. The company's total revenue for 2023 exceeded 30.1 trillion Vietnamese Dong (VND). This significant revenue not only underscores VICEM's strong market presence but also its vital role in the national economy. The company's contribution to the state budget was substantial, amounting to over 1.3 trillion VND. This financial contribution reflects VICEM's commitment to supporting Vietnam's economic development and infrastructure growth.

The company continues to be a key player in Vietnam's cement industry, contributing to both the sector's growth and the nation's economic stability.