Asia Cement Advances in Carbon Capture Development to Reduce Emissions

Asia Cement collaborates with Jecheon City and Lotte Chemical in a public-private partnership to develop Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technology at its Jecheon plant, aiming to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

Asia Cement Advances in Carbon Capture Development to Reduce Emissions
Photo by Matthias Heyde / Unsplash

Jecheon City has initiated a groundbreaking move towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on the cement industry, which accounts for half of the region's emissions. On March 14, Jecheon City Mayor Kim Chang-gyu announced a public-private partnership agreement for the development of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technology. This initiative involves Asia Cement, Lotte Chemical, and the city administration, targeting the integration of CCU technology into the cement manufacturing process.

Lotte Chemical, having completed the development of CCU technology for the fossil fuel sector, will now apply its expertise to develop a suitable technology for Asia Cement's Jecheon plant. The collaboration aims at capturing greenhouse gases emitted during the cement production process for further utilization, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

The agreement includes Asia Cement and Jecheon City working together on the development of greenhouse gas capture and utilization technologies, as well as providing various administrative services for the project. Lotte Chemical plans to produce high-purity nitrogen from the captured carbon at the cement production facility, which will be used internally or sold.

Hwang Min-jae, Director of Lotte Chemical’s Comprehensive Technology Institute, emphasized the company's accumulated expertise in carbon capture technology and its commitment to developing the most appropriate carbon capture utilization technology for the cement industry. Mayor Kim highlighted the significance of the CCU technology development research, marking it as a meaningful collaboration between the public and private sectors, particularly in contributing significantly towards achieving carbon neutrality in Jecheon's cement industry, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the area. According to the Ministry of Environment, as of 2018, 49% of Jecheon's greenhouse gas emissions originated from the cement manufacturing process at Asia Cement’s facility.


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