Cemex Advances Sustainability with Cutting-Edge Technology in Monterrey Plant

Cemex employs advanced technology to monitor emissions and modernize its cement plant in Monterrey, aligning with Nuevo León's Air Quality Strategic Management Program (PIGECA) for 2023-2033.

Cemex Advances Sustainability with Cutting-Edge Technology in Monterrey Plant
Photo: pulsoslp.com.mx

Cemex is leading the way in sustainable practices within the cement industry by integrating state-of-the-art technology to monitor emissions at its Monterrey plant. This initiative is part of the broader Air Quality Strategic Management Program (PIGECA) 2023-2033, as highlighted by Alfonso Martínez Muñoz, Nuevo León's Secretary of the Environment, during his visit to the facility. The visit underscored Cemex's commitment to environmental stewardship and transparency in its operations.

The Monterrey plant has implemented a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMs) supported by drones and complemented by three meteorological stations for air quality diagnostics. This setup enables the plant to measure emissions accurately, generate air quality forecasts, and take timely preventive and mitigating actions. Additionally, the plant's energy recycling process converts urban waste into energy, significantly reducing fossil fuel usage and emissions. This process also minimizes landfill waste, preventing methane production and environmental contamination.

Cemex's efforts extend to recycling construction waste and other industrial residues as raw materials, embodying circular economy principles. Plans are underway for a comprehensive redesign of the plant's surroundings, including reforestation with native species to enhance community integration. The company is also aiming to elevate its biodiversity conservation program, which has already received Gold Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), to the next level.

This initiative not only demonstrates Cemex's dedication to reducing its environmental impact but also sets a precedent for industry-wide sustainability practices. The Secretary of the Environment of Nuevo León noted that this is just the beginning of visits to ensure progress with PIGECA, with ten companies in Nuevo León committing specific resources to the program.

Source: Pulso SLP