Huaxin Cement Sees Significant Financing Inflows

Huaxin Cement experienced a notable increase in financing inflows, receiving 0.14 billion yuan on February 19, marking a significant investment over recent days.

Huaxin Cement Sees Significant Financing Inflows

On February 19, Huaxin Cement was highlighted in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets for receiving financing inflows amounting to 0.14 billion yuan, ranking it 613th among listed companies.

The company also reported financing repayments of 0.02 billion yuan, resulting in a net inflow of 11.849 million yuan for the day. Over the last three trading sessions, from February 7 to 19, Huaxin Cement has cumulatively received financing inflows of 0.19 billion yuan, showcasing increasing investor confidence.

In terms of stock lending, the company saw 157,900 shares sold short, with a net sell-off of 120,300 shares. This financial activity underscores Huaxin Cement's growing appeal in the market, reflecting investor optimism about its prospects.