Semen Indonesia Emphasizes the Importance of Sustainability and Innovation

PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (SIG) highlights sustainability and innovation as key to maintaining its market leadership in the Indonesian cement industry.

Semen Indonesia Emphasizes the Importance of Sustainability and Innovation

Donny Arsal, the President Director of PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (SIG), has stressed the critical role of sustainability and innovation in the company's strategy to remain competitive and retain its position as the market leader in Indonesia's cement industry. SIG is focusing on environmentally friendly product innovations that prioritize sustainability, including optimizing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the use of renewable energy sources in cement production processes.

One of SIG's innovative products, Dynamix Masonry, an eco-friendly cement bag for non-structural purposes, has seen a sales increase of 109% year-over-year, indicating sustained growth. Donny Arsal expressed the company's commitment to being part of the solution through innovation, quality, and business strategies that provide competitive advantages and add value to various construction needs.

SIG has been recognized as a pioneer in sustainability and innovation within the Indonesian cement industry, maintaining its market leadership through accurate marketing strategies and digital transformation. This includes a digital ecosystem comprising FORCA PoS, SobatBangun, AksesToko, and the digitalization of customer loyalty programs. These efforts have recently earned the company the award of The Best Industry Marketing Champion 2023 for the Basic Materials Sector at the Marketeer of the Year (MOTY) 2023 event.

MOTY 2023 is an award ceremony recognizing innovation and exceptional performance by business figures and practitioners in Indonesia that positively impact the country's economic and social growth. Donny added that the company's precise branding campaigns and marketing strategies have led to product appreciation, contributing to performance and helping SIG maintain its market leader position.

Source: 24Hour