Semen Padang Explores Export Cooperation with Singapore This Year

PT Semen Padang, Southeast Asia's oldest cement producer, is reportedly exploring export cooperation with Singapore in 2024.

Semen Padang Explores Export Cooperation with Singapore This Year
Photo by Mike Enerio / Unsplash

PT Semen Padang, a prominent cement producer in Southeast Asia, is making strides in the international market by exploring export opportunities with Singapore this year. This initiative was revealed by Semen Padang's President Director, Indrieffouny Indra, who expressed optimism about penetrating the Singaporean market.

The Indonesian cement industry is known for its intense competition due to the presence of numerous new cement producers. As a result, Semen Padang is shifting its focus towards foreign markets. "For the domestic market, we cover Sumatra and parts of Java. In addition, we are also targeting exports to foreign countries," Indra stated.

Semen Padang has been engaged in export activities since 2008, with its first export of cement to Australia taking place in 2016. The company has been consistently increasing its overseas shipments, exporting both cement and clinker, a raw material for cement.

Indra highlighted the company's production achievements, noting that clinker production reached 110 percent year-on-year (YoY), cement production hit 95 percent (YoY), and clinker exports achieved a remarkable 270 percent increase (YoY). "We hope that in 2024 there will be growth, especially in the export sector," he concluded.

This move by Semen Padang represents a significant step in expanding its global footprint and diversifying its market presence beyond Indonesia.