South Korean Construction Firms Innovate to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Construction companies in South Korea are developing eco-friendly concrete solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs, marking a significant shift towards sustainable building practices.

South Korean Construction Firms Innovate to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Photo by Markus Leo / Unsplash

In South Korea, construction companies are taking significant strides towards sustainability by developing eco-friendly concrete that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. On February 21, industry reports highlighted various innovative approaches being adopted, including the creation of low-carbon concrete by reducing cement usage and incorporating alternative materials and captured carbon dioxide into concrete mixtures.

Lotte Construction has made notable advancements by developing a 'low-carbon heat-reducing concrete' that uses only 5% cement and incorporates over 80% blast furnace slag, a by-product of steel production. This innovative concrete not only exhibits equivalent or superior strength to traditional concrete but also significantly reduces the risk of cracks due to its lower hydration heat, making it a more durable and environmentally friendly option.

The push towards eco-friendly concrete is driven by the urgent need to reduce the construction industry's carbon footprint. Alternatives like blast furnace slag, which emits only a fraction of the carbon dioxide compared to cement and costs 70% less, are becoming increasingly popular. These materials not only offer environmental benefits but also enhance the concrete's resistance to salt penetration, making them ideal for use in various construction applications.

Samsung C&T's Construction Division has also invested in Canadian technology firm CarbonCure, adopting a technique that injects captured carbon dioxide into concrete to increase its strength and permanently sequester carbon, further reducing the environmental impact of construction materials.

As South Korea's construction industry continues to innovate, the development of eco-friendly concrete represents a critical step towards achieving global sustainability goals and reducing the sector's environmental impact.

Source: Seoul Finance