Turkish Cement to be Exported to Malta: A New Opportunity for Turkish Exporters

TurkishExporter, Turkey's largest e-export platform, has opened new business opportunities for Turkish cement manufacturers by connecting them with the Maltese market.

Turkish Cement to be Exported to Malta: A New Opportunity for Turkish Exporters
Photo by Micaela Parente / Unsplash

TurkishExporter, an influential e-export platform in Turkey, has recently spotlighted a significant opportunity for Turkish cement manufacturers to penetrate the Maltese market. A Maltese importer has expressed interest in purchasing cement from Turkey through an announcement on TurkishExporter, marking a promising development for Turkey's building and construction sector. This initiative is part of TurkishExporter's ongoing efforts to facilitate B2B e-export opportunities across 43 main sectors and 578 sub-sectors, generating substantial business volumes and fostering new international partnerships.

Turkish cement producers, especially those who are corporate members of TurkishExporter, can directly submit their proposals to the Maltese importer via the platform. New users interested in tapping into this opportunity can access the platform through its mobile application, Forie, available on the App Store and Google Play, and apply for a basic membership.

TurkishExporter and its global brand, Forie, offer a productive e-export experience by sharing importer lists from various countries within the building and construction sector. The platform stands out with its unique feature of instant purchase announcements, continuously publishing countless export opportunities. Companies within the construction sector believing in their strong supply network are encouraged to become corporate members to access hundreds of current importer firms.

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