UK's £3 Million Competition Accelerates Low Carbon Concrete Solutions

Innovate UK has launched a £3 million competition to accelerate the development and adoption of lower carbon concrete solutions, fostering collaboration between major concrete users and innovators

UK's £3 Million Competition Accelerates Low Carbon Concrete Solutions
Photo by Jas Min / Unsplash

In a significant stride towards decarbonization, Innovate UK has announced a £3 million competition to fast-track the development and commercialization of low carbon concrete solutions. This initiative brings together major concrete users, such as National Highways, Sellafield sites, WSP, Anglian Water, HS2, United Utilities, the Environment Agency, and Laing O'Rourke, with innovators to address the concrete industry's carbon footprint.

Dr Stafford Lloyd, Climate Tech Innovation Lead at Innovate UK, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, stating, "Collaborating with the CCC at the start of the competition process has ensured there is existing demand for the low carbon concrete solutions being developed. This provides the ideal environment to enable innovation to thrive".

The competition aims to make the commercial adoption of lower carbon concrete happen faster, with the Concrete Commitment Cohort (CCC) exploring the potential for Advance Market Commitments to provide clear market pull and help unlock the required investment to scale these new technologies4.The UK's concrete and cement industry currently accounts for around 1.5% of UK carbon dioxide emissions and 7% of emissions globally. Decarbonizing concrete is critical to achieving net-zero carbon targets by 20504.

Source: The Manufacturer